North Wales, Pa., Open Floor Concept Home Remodel

This North Wales Open Floor Concept Remodel began life as three separate rooms completely closed off from each other. A formal dining room, a tiny cramped kitchen, and a small living room. We joined all three rooms and changed the floor plan around the staircase to give this home a brand new look.


Cambria Bellingham Quartz


Omega Plainfield


Hickory Barnwood Cashmere

If you can imagine for a moment, the current kitchen work area (sink, stove, most of the countertop space) is now where the old formal dining room was. By knocking this wall down and pushing the kitchen back into this mostly unused area, we were able to give this homeowner a massive kitchen space.

And by reworking the entry from the front door we were able to give this home a better flow. The doorway next to the built-in floor-to-ceiling storage pantry never existed before. This was a solid wall blocking most of the house off from the front door. Now the homeowners have easy access to anywhere in the house right after walking through the front door. It’s a much more efficient layout and gives the homeowners better enjoyment from their home.

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