Open Floor Concept Home Remodeling

Open floor concept kitchen remodeling turns your home into one massive open space that’s perfect for entertaining your active family and friends. More often than not, an open floor remodel means that we’re removing walls and shifting your entire floor plan around to give you that perfect flowing space you love. Even load bearing walls are no match for our design team. We work with architects to come up with plans to support your home without sacrificing your beloved open space.

Open floor concept kitchen remodeling is also one of the most dominant home design elements to arrive in the last 30 years, and there’s a great reason why! It’s one of the biggest contributors to increasing the enjoyment you get from your home and usually increases it’s value more than any other project.

Lansdale, Pa., Open Floor Concept Home Remodel

What was once an outdated and closed off space is now a beautiful open and airy home worthy of being on a magazine cover!

Ivyland, Pa., Open Floor Concept Home Remodel

Turn your bathroom into your own personal at-home spa with a custom bathroom remodel designed to fit your needs and design style. 

North Wales, Pa., Open Floor Concept Home Remodel

This open kitchen and dining area began as three separate rooms – a formal dining room, kitchen, and family room. By combining these three rooms together and reconfiguring most of the floor plan, we gave this home a brand new life.

What is an Open Floor Concept Home Remodel?

For decades, home builders focused on home designs that were compartmentalized and closed off. This meant that every room was it’s own separate space without any real cohesiveness between each area. It was a very regimented and formal style where each room had a specific purpose.

But over time our lifestyles have changed. We’re all very busy – between work, kids sports games, band practice, trying to maintain some resemblance of a social life – who has time for strict home schedules? Homeowners want flexible spaces that serve multiple purposes. Most of the time we’re eating dinner on the sofa rather than at a dinner table. It’s part of how our lives have changed. And unfortunately, older homes don’t always fit this type of lifestyle.

And that’s where an open floor concept home remodel comes in. By removing walls that traditionally block the dining room from the kitchen and the living room, we’re able to give you that flexible and open space you need.

Take a look at this home. A formal dining room that rarely gets used, no line of sight from the kitchen to the family room, and all those walls block most of the natural light coming in. It’s a total waste of space when a quarter of your livable floor space is consumed by a room that’s never used.

This is the same home as above, but by removing the walls separating the kitchen from the dining room, deleting a cluttered storage closet, and widening the doorways in the family room, we were able to totally transform this home into one massive space that’s actually used. Even though the total square footage didn’t change, this home feels like it doubled in size!